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Heiß + Asphalt = Willkommen in Deutschland!

Es wird heiß! Und damit meinen wir nicht nur das Wetter, sondern auch die Fahrzeuge die in der Altstadt Trier morgen am Start stehen werden. Nach der Sommerpause beginnt jetzt somit in Deutschland die 2. Halbzeit und in der Punktetabelle ist noch alles drin! Zurzeit führt der brite Trevor Lewis mit 75 Punkten vor dem deutschen Alexander Silz mit 51 Punkten. Darauf folgt Ralph Köhler.

Wer wird die kommende Ausgabe gewinnen? Wir werden es schon bald sehen!



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The mountain calls!│VWRC

"The mountain calls", they say. The first special event of VWRC starts next Monday in the test runs. And on June 20, you have the possibility in the footsteps of Walter Röhrl, Ari Vatanen and Sebastien Loeb to occur.

From 12 to June 18, the test day, each lasting two days a sector. And the main race can then be driven for a week.

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VWRC: New Classification System

We you introduce the new class system of VWRC. This makes much easier and more manageable than before. However, we must agree to repent by the new system.
We have now created for each class an extra league, so that the results will be easy.


All drivers who are still entered in the VWRC league will be removed and having to sign new in his own class.

VWRC = s2010 & s2000


VWRC 2 = R4



VWRC = Groupe A & F2 Kit Car


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The Rally Poland starts again!

The Rally Poland will be repeated. She goes for it unfortunately only four days, but has it also only 6 stages.
We were unable to correct the errors in the last season, which is why we now restart the Rally Poland in a shortened version.

We apologize for the incidents.

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League problems on PC and PS4! Rally Poland will be postponed

Unfortunately we have to say that there are massive problems in the League System. Unfortunately it hits the PC and PS4. Strangely, there are these problems currently only with us. We work fast to it and explore how we can solve these problems.
The Rally Poland will be rescheduled. When exactly, unfortunately is not yet clear. We will contact you as soon as we know more.

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